I'm having trouble resisting a married man  

sbf_bbw 54F
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8/25/2005 4:28 pm

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I'm having trouble resisting a married man

So I know this married man. He is good looking, fun, sexy. Oh yes, we've played a bit-- kissed and cuddled, groped and fondled... Yet, I feel guilty about seeing him. I mean he is married. Sure he tells me about how things aren't so great at home.

That being said, we went out a couple of weeks ago or drinks and dinner. Afterward, we walked around campus and ended up on a semi-dark area. I could not resist him. I kissed him deeply and he responded in kind. I let my arms slip around his waist. Though it was a bit cool outside that night, I could feel only his heat, his kisses and his arms around me. The world slipped away and it bacame just us. Until I heard soft giggles, it seemed that where we were standing we in direct sight-line of the undergrad library and several people were watching us-- we just smiled and went back to what we were doing. In fact, just having someone see us made it all the more exciting.
I could feel his firm cock pressing into my leg. I slid a hand inside his slacks, his cock was warm hard and inviting. It took every thing to keep from dropping to my knees and licking the tip of his thick, firm hot cock. This is the point where the guilt began to well up inside me.

All the, "be a good girl" junk boiled over and I disengaged from him. Now I have to say that I was disappointed, but not sorry. Just being that excited was great fun.

I've seen him several times since. But I have got to STOP. He's like a drug, I just want more and more....

Eeyore5800 60M

9/13/2005 12:07 pm

If it feels good, go for it! If it doesn't feel right with him, let me know. I'm Eeyore58 at Alt. Stop by, wink, and I'll email you.
But if you want to do it with him, go ahead. It should be HIM feeling guilty and, if he doesn't, enjoy the moment!!

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