WTF...i don't get it  

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9/5/2006 8:36 pm

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WTF...i don't get it

I logged on this morning and read my morning blogs then decided it was time to write one for my blog...u know i didn't write one the whole weekend hmmmm wat to write aboutshould it be an storyor maybe a pollor something fun and erotic that happened over the weekend .... decisions decisoins...grrrr i can't decide. Ok, will go out, do my errands and make up my mind afterwards.

Head to wally world, buy dog food...head to pet store, buy fish food...head to grocery store, buy people food...hmmm thinking people and creatures in this house eat wayyyyyyyyy to much.

Come home, turn on the t.v. and start watching a program about animal abuse. OMG this program dug deep into me. Anyone knows me, knows my love for animals...any kind of animals. It is beyond me how people can treat animals like this. These r the same people who believe in all of humanity and they look out after other humans, so y not their animals....i just don't get it.

One gentleman on this program had a little tiny dog who had a tumor on his leg that was bigger than the dog. His excuse for not taking the dog to seek medical attention is cause he didn't have a car. This went on and on...really i shouldn't watch these kinds of programs...i saw horses that were abused, small animals that were emasiated, even animals that were so neglected that they died

I have rescued animals before...someone thought it would be easier to take their dog 50miles down the road and drop it off then go around the corner to the local humane society. Needless to say, i had inherated a new animal. To date, we have 5dogs 1 cat and many many fish. I have also had adbanoned livestock and treat them as my own.

My biggest issue with all this is....u don't treat humans this way, y animals...thats what i don't understand. Would u let a human in your house die of starvation....or let a human in your house get a tumor and not have it checked out. animals in my house r considered family.... weather u have 2 feet or 4, we r all family and all deserve the same respect.

I know i haven't even begun to touch on this subject, but it is a big one with me. What do u think, do u have an opion on it..,.do u have a story to tell. Please let me know

sazzyagain 43F
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9/6/2006 7:10 am

    Quoting rm_mizzkitka:
    animal lovers are good people.
    you're a very kind person.

ty so much

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