Simple pleasures  

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2/19/2005 2:54 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Simple pleasures

I often wonder of what we truly lost in a culture preoccupied with goals, objectives and on establishing timelines on virtually every aspect of our daily lives. I for one am a firm believer in the moment, but it's what's found in those moments that makes all the difference in the world. A moment of time can be a stimulating conversation with total stranger, an image of a person, place or thing, a simple smile, a subtle barely inperceptable unintentional gesture of woman, it doesn't necessarily have to be sexual in nature to create a imagine in the form of a memory that lasts a life time. We can sellect what part of the memory we keep and if it evolves a woman, to some their memory of the moment might be, "ya I fucked her brains out", sad but true. To others it was all in it's entirety that lead up to the moment that forms the bulk of their memory. To some, it is the loss of the moment and the remorse that it didn't translate into happily ever after, that is their lasting memory of the moment. They in turn rationalize the moment as being a bad experience and something to be forgotten and avoided at all costs, again sad but true. We live in an age of speed that is utterly numbing. We hope that we can somehow create refuges based up relationships in a vain attempt to shield us for the outside world. The reality is that circumstance makes strange bed fellows literally, our goals and asperations are our reality, its simply survival and nothing more. It's those moments that are of real value, the coming together of two people, a momentary interlude to everyday life, where simple things like enjoying each other's company, explore to escape, escape to explore, then return rejuvinated and revived for another day, a week, a month, a year. Everything in life isn't about forever, forever is irrelevant to human existence, no one gets out of life alive. I for one love the moment, because I get to keep the memory and its stored with all the other memories that have continiously shaped my life. Sex is a physical act the manifests itself on as many levels as to forms to which its practiced, in the end it's all about the pleasure and what it means to you.

rm_ppsssttt 45F
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5/29/2005 1:12 am

Why do we consider relationships to be a form of refuge, where some carry out their lives in two parts, the one that lives at home and the one that walks beyond the front door. Especially when it seems that at least 9 out 10 people have a "story" to tell or a relationship from "hell". It seems to me that there is little refuge in a relationship with someone that is seeking same. Marriage counsellors, divorce lawyers, books, seminars, articles, etc., all targeted to make our place of refuge better? Or simply along the lines of the numbing speed with which we all live our lives these days, a race to make money. Cashing in on the senselessness of others? Why do we expect it to save us from the world we fear....then find we need to be saved from the relationship we hate. Who taught us that committment and monogamy were the rules of life, only to be disobeyed because they rules. Simple pleasures are supposed to be simple, pleasure is supposed to feel good. Why do we complicate our simplicity and diminish our pleasure...I learned what simple pleasure really meant by leaving my country and ignorantly expecting to find more of the same. Not only was I wrong, but I learned that simple pleasures have been misunderstood by us, and taken for granted. It took me a few days during my travels to learn why these people I had come across looked so happy when there was no electricity, no running water, and no toilet...what the hell did they have to smile about? I left smiling at the thought of my toilet at home with the crack that pinched my butt everytime I sat on it, it was the first time I smiled about that. I still ran into relationships built from fear though and I still live life too fast sometimes or at least feel as though I have too.

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