If a rake and a hoe got married?  

saynomore1964 52M
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5/6/2006 7:25 am
If a rake and a hoe got married?

The Winds of Love fraught with indignation
Scouring the gardens with agitation
Leaving barren what was once lush and green
Love's galaxy mindless and perplexing
Its potions mysterious and vexing
Betray us to the false light of the moon
Its irrepressible gall of tempest
Surmised as a sweet caress
Leave scars that are deep, wide and roughly hewn
Blindly we seek through love peace and pleasure
But with open eyes find the full measure
The threshing, beguiling force of pain
Wine bittersweet, we toast love Tete'a Tete'
As tacit tears course down our cheeks in vain


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