Gonna Miss Da Club  

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12/20/2005 10:03 am

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Gonna Miss Da Club

You know, you really wouldn’t believe this place, guys. The level of feminine beauty is so high. I’m going to miss them. They smile at me and they think I’m cool, but bottom line, I’m a lot like my ‘98 Toyota Ceres and they’re ALL brand new Mercedes. I’m wanna tell them, “Look, I’m standing here looking at you but you’re really up there about 20 feet in the air, untouchable.” And she’ll say, “Eh?” and I’ll say “If you were a car what kind would you be” and she’ll say “Eh?” and I’ll say you KNOW you’re a Mercedes, don’t you?” and she’ll smile because…


That’s the whole point.

They KNOW it.

You ought to see them. Their fresh-from-the-factory breasts, their doe eyes, their milky little shoulders, and not a bad leg in the house. Their tumble-down hair, the endless variety of perfectly shaped lips, their little waists begging to be enfolded by a male arm, the way they parade around in their evening dresses, like movie stars.

The ones who actually know how to carry themselves make your mouth drop. Hazuki is our Number One, a tall, lissome beauty, funny-faced, but when she walks through the club there’s nowhere else to look. I feel like Danny de Vito next to her, but now and then I find myself standing right behind her as she escorts a customer to the elevator and I realize with utter physical clarity that her back is there for the taking by giant or dwarf, a perfectly sculpted landscape from wonderfully horizontal, slender shoulders that beg for a massage, to those two succulent shoulder blades, down the heavenly valley of her spine to a soft waist you could cling to as if life were a raging storm and Hazuki was all that kept you afloat. I get 20 seconds of nice eye contact from her, and here comes Izumo-san to drag her back to the pits.

But I have a shot at Mariko. If I get Mariko in bed I’m going to tell her, “I hope this goes okay, I haven’t had sex in a long time. It’s been about ten…(long pause)…days.” That should make her laugh, and then I’ll say, “No it really has been awhile, but it’ll work out. We just have to keep THIS guy happy. He’s kind of picky, he’s like my cat Bob, you put the wrong fish in front of him, he walks away.”

This puts the pressure on her, right? That’s where we want it.

But it’s not a problem.

She’s real good fish.


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