First Message From Venus  

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8/16/2005 8:33 pm

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First Message From Venus

As I write these words, the first chicadas of the season start chirping outside my window. It is o-bon, summer holiday time in Japan. Workdays are cut down to just 10 hours a day -( just joking.) Here's my first entry....

The b_____s. Lots of flirting at the club last night. Keiko, this perfect little girl with sexy mini lips and a totally bounceable ass and the whole thing, blew off her English lesson for a week or so, then leaves a cellphone message last night before the gig. Just before the first set, she walks up to the piano. She stands much, much too close to me and we chat. Japanese girls are totally in the moment. Then the moment is over, so you better say something right. Tonight's result, she has no schedule, so she can't have lessons regularly with me. She sleeps with her boyfriend when she works the club. (Oh! New information!) Me, I'm free in the afternoons. (If I duck out of the house!) So she should call me sometime. Yeah, great idea. She loves it. This is a step forward in the sense that it's more of a friendship/date scenario, but of course she won't call. But the underlying vibe is she wants to be closer to me. I mean, why is she standing so close? But there's zero awareness about that.

Nonomi comes over. Figure like a snake. All in red. She's not mad cause I flirted with her the night before, after all the night before that she squatted down and grabbed my knees as I sat in the back room and said, "Oh, [saxyjazzman] !!" meaning, my English is so bad but..... (WHAT???) Tonight her perfume was really hot and I told her so. Like she didn't know.

Meanwhile, Yuki, the lady who wanted to book me into a cool venue in Shinagawa, is totally off the radar. I said something wrong when we were having that glass of wine together? So warm and sweet she was that day. You can count on or predict the behavior of NO ONE here. They are a bunch of spinning tops on speed. I get up in the morning at 11, Workaholic Wife walks over for a hug, she's been feeling tired and without energy lately she says, but doesn't act that way. She looks down and sees my morning hard on and pokes it (sensory high point of my day). What's that? she asks. It happens every morning I say. End of topic.

Last night Marianne Faithful drags me into Private Eyes for the first time, big California style club downstairs near Grand Cru. She's freaked out because she has to sing two songs alone. There's this J-Lo look-alike working there and as we leave I go over and ask is she J Lo? I refuse her denial and say I won't tell anyone she's here and I'm this huge fan of hers and I keep going and tell her I dress up like her at home and dance in front of the mirror. She likes it. Stone fox, but she's got these muscular shoulders and arms. Tatoos. I wouldn't get in a fist fight with her.

Turns out that big group the night before - the crazy bisexual fag who dug my music and was seku-hara-ing (sexually harrassing) the girls was Mr. Children's drummer. Hypocritical ass hole, but I liked him. Listened to every note I played and felt it. But he treats the girls like a spoiled 10-year old brat. Puts fake cigarettes out on their arms. Twists their shoulders and pushes them into an embrace with hos friends. They pull one girl onto her knees and the other guy straddles her from behind like in a three-way. Japanese men can be such pigs. And the ladies grin and bear it. Once they get the wedding ring, they(re in charge and getting into their pussies is like the price of oil.

Let's see - whose marriage does that remind me of?


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