Downs and Ups  

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10/3/2005 10:51 am

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Downs and Ups

Smoked on the horn tonight. Second to last song, "Let The Good Times Roll." Sweet white boy harmonies, a diminutive, aging George Michael with a moustache, Fuck it, I was hot. Embossed black Gaultier jacket, wing-tip white shirt, dark sunglasses. I look to my right, there's Hazuki by the piano, our Number One, long and lean in a glittering red strapless thing. I had this huge musical erection, come was leaking out of my horn, my tenor was so sexual and passionate any brown- skinned girl and 90% of the white omes would be hypnotized, I mean you would see butts twitch, I mean SOMETHING!!

Hazuki just stood there staring into space.

A fan comes in and he and his pal are in the groove, they catch all my notes. Then time to go but they want "So Far Away." Crusaders. Can't resist. Back up we go into the starry starry sky.

Another fan comes in. "Come to Shanghai," he says. Come visit me. Outside, a warm gentle rain over Roppongi, and as the driver is nearing my home at 2AM, he comes up with "Aja," on the radio, by my greatest band, I live within their musical domain, I mean those two fuckers rule, and I'm thinking,

"Shanghai, when all my dying dancin is through, I run to you...."

I get out of the car in the mist.

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