Asia And I Are Back Together  

saxyjazzman 55M
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9/17/2005 11:10 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Asia And I Are Back Together

When I came to the club, Asia Carrera was sitting on top of my MD player. Perfect Japanese solution: Not a word spoken, but who put the DVD there? Who found it in the car? You gotta figure the hostess finds it, hands it to Driver Lady. If Driver Lady is American, she leaves it in a little envelope with a sarcastic note. Totally cool. With the Japanese system, the feeling you get is,

"We all know..."

Feh, as the Jews say (meaning basically fuck it but not as vulgar.) I'm gonna ask Driver Lady how it went down -- after I tell her "Oh Jesus THANK YOU for returning it, Asia and I are NEVER apart, I keep her with me ALL the time, I was worried sick, thank you so much and hey - could we watch it together sometime, you and me and the lizard? Could we, PULLEEASE???

Driver Lady is kinda fine. Older but definitely hot. Gotta boyfriend though, and he's down with the lizard.

I was shot tonight, staggered to my car under a full moon and slid home for TWO days off instead of one.

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