The benefits of losing weight: The fountain of youth!  

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5/1/2005 7:11 pm

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The benefits of losing weight: The fountain of youth!

Since February, I have lost 51 pounds. In the grand scheme of things, there are many benefits. First off, my boss told me that for every 35 pounds you lose, you gain an inch of length! Holy crap, porn industry, here I come!

Ok... Maybe not, but I thought that was cool to know...

Seriously, I think back to the olden days, when I was in college. (yes, I know I am 27, and I have only been out of college since 99, but bear with me!) I was not really all that heavier when I started losing weight than my senior year in college, but back then, I was in much better shape. My first wife was amazed at how I used to be able to Make her cum multiple times before I did once, and back then, I was able to cum multiple times without going flaccid in between. Ah, those were the days!

When I started losing weight, I was over 370 pounds, and not really in any kind of shape at all. Now, 51 pounds later, I am getting leaner, meaner, and becoming the sex machine I used to be. I even had forgotten what feeling the morning wood was all about. The last few weeks, I have been waking up with the hardest erection I have had in years! Oddly enough, I had better luck sexually when I was over 370 than I have lately. So I haven't had the chance to test it out, but judging from the fact I have been going to bed still hard after some self loving, I believe the fountain of youth has been refilled!

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