The Scarred Beauty: Part four, at last.  

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5/23/2005 7:19 pm

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The Scarred Beauty: Part four, at last.

Hmmmmm.... The feeling of her arms around me made me aglow with the fire that was burning within me for her. I wanted to spend all of my days with her, and nights, but I had only the chance to see her but a couple times. My yearnings for her were driving me wild... the anticipation was exciting me and draining me all at the same time. What an oxymoron! Today though, today, we would spend some real, quality time together. The upper eschelon of all the romantic days that I have experienced, this day did fall within. We talked for hours. Her voice was the sweetest music I had ever had the pleasure of listening to. Her giggles like the poetic beat of an enthusiastic song. Mesmerized by her, I could feel myself slipping into that emotional coma that they call love. Staring into her beautiful eyes, her soul was bareing itself to me, and I was in awe. We sat for hours, laying on her bed, talking. I was soaking in ever bit of information about her that I could. Her caresses, the way she touched me............................

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