The Scarred Beauty: Part 1 repost  

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The Scarred Beauty: Part 1 repost

My first meeting with her was incredible. It was a secluded place, out in the woods. I couldn't believe that she trusted me enough to take her there, it was gorgeous. The landscape was made into a secluded outdoor theater. We sat on one of the seats, just looking at each other. She told me the story of how she became what she was. I marveled at the fact she had made it through at all. Her courage made me feel inadequate as I sat there getting to know her. I stared into her pale green eyes, and I could see the depth of her soul. Unlike most 18 year old women that I had met, her soul went deep. Like me, she had lived alot of life in only a short time, and you could see it just by looking into her beautiful eyes. I felt as if I was looking down into a lighted cavern, with an angel staring up at me from the depths. I gazed into her eyes, and I could see the beauty in something she felt so self-concious about. See, her face was scarred. Some might consider it horrible. Later on, as I grew to know her, all I could think of was that it made her beautiful in a way that not many people could see. Every line on her face, every imperfection, merged into something that was more beautiful than a normal face, with your normal complexion. I found myself mesmerized by her. To be with her was what I wanted more than anything that I had ever wanted before, and anything I have ever wanted since. We talked for hours, merely happy to be with her and to learn more about her. As the night grew older, we kissed, and I could feel the softness of her tongue as it circled my own. I knew I had to see her again, but it was time to go, I had to drop her home, or her guardians would wonder........ I would see her again....

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