The Scarred Beauty, Part Deux  

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5/19/2005 4:50 am

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The Scarred Beauty, Part Deux

Thoughts of her could scarcely leave my mind. Every day, I thought of her, I dreamed of her. Her unique beauty left me reeling. I could not believe the total package that she was. Wow! The most beautiful body I had ever seen, this girl had. By far she was the best looking woman I had ever dated. I dreamt of having my way with her. She seemed so innocent, yet, I could tell that she was a wild one. The way she talked, the way she described what would please her, the more I wanted her. I was driving to see her that weekend in my 67 Dodge Coronet. Motoring up the highway, I couldn't move fast enough. Visions of her danced in front of me along with the cars that I passed. Each one brought me closer to her, and the visions seemed to become less transparent. She had told me what she wanted to do to me. I could not get it out of my mind, I couldn't wait until she had her chance...... The miles were getting shorter, I was pulling into her town......

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