The Pre-Decision infidelity: The Conclusion  

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The Pre-Decision infidelity: The Conclusion

The mood continued... Kissing, fondling, carressing. I suggested we get more comfortable, and we did. I walked her to my bedroom. I had to kick some of my daughter's toys out of the way, I almost tripped! I stood her in front of me, and I pulled off her dress, tossing it to the floor beside the bed. I laid her back on the bed. She was not wearing panties. How wonderful! By that time, I had felt the wetness through her dress, and I could now see just how much she was dripping. What a rush! I hadn't gotten that much of a reaction out of my wife since before we were married. My confidence level jumped through the roof! I crawled on top of her, kissing her, and I slowly made my way down her body. Pausing to nibble on her large, inverted nipples. I could suck on them enough to make them look regular again, but alas, I couldn't get them to remain standing. As she arched her back, I moved on, softly kissing her stomach, making my way down to my favorite of all spots on a woman's body. Her outer lips were huge! And oh were they so moist. They lay open before me like the wings on a beautiful butterfly. A more beautiful picture I don't think I had ever seen. It was what I needed, when I needed it! I slowly kissed my way all around her lips, and I dug in, pulling at her beautiful mound with a great amount of suction, and flicking my tongue at it, making it dance to a rythimic toon I was going over in my head. She writhed beneath me, and suddenly, I felt a rush of wetness, and she shook under my weight. I kept on... pressing my goatee inbetween her lips while running my finger in and out of her wonderful opening until I felt her rise a second time, shaking even more than the first. I reached underneath me and felt my hardness. The sight of her orgasm brought me to life, and I asked if I could enter her. She told me she wanted me, and I slipped inside her. I could tell she wanted a bigger man than I, but I was enjoying myself, and I know she already had. Unfortunately, it had been so long since I had sex that any kind of stamina was not going to be there. I leaned down and whispered in her ear.... I want to explode inside you! She nodded her head yes, as I began to pump harder, faster. In and out with her juices dripping from me, I continued, until in a short time, I felt myself giving her my full load, right inside the wonderful lips that I had been admiring just a moment before. As I finished, I collapsed on top of her.......... and began to dread the day when my wife would return home.....

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