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The most sought after, searched for, desired, wanted, passioned for, pined for quality of all the qualities any man could wish for in a woman. I have not had the pleasure of experiencing a truly innocent woman. What makes a woman innocent? The look in the eyes, the strange curiosity towards everything, the reluctance to do something they have never done. Innocence is lost so soon, and I have not experienced it in my life. My regrets for my life thus far is solely centered on this inexplicable lack of innocence. My wildest desire is for my next intimate encounter to involve a beautiful woman that still holds a shred of innocence within her. To look into her eyes, and see the inexperience, to be the teacher, and not the student, to show her what truly she deserves from the opposite sex, to be the one she compares all of her subsequent encounters to.... Ultimately, to be the form she holds dear for the remainder of her days, to find the innocent, and to have her for a lifetime... That is my desire.

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