Starved for sexual attention in a thoughtful way.  

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7/11/2005 3:46 pm

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Starved for sexual attention in a thoughtful way.

Men are funny creatures: we desire to find sexual pleasure and gratification that we continually search in any place possible to find an answer to our hunger. We will spend hours searching. When we have found our solution we then wait and begin the next to find what we are looking for again.
The problem that I have noticed is that we usually look for the wrong things. Most guys want large breasts, or a sexy ass as though they are hunting for trophies. When do we ever hear of a guy looking for a girl with a large brain or beautiful oral discourse? Whatever happened to the art of seduction and attraction? What most guys want is sexual fullfilment with an equal partner.

With this in mind, I will attempt to search for a partner to relieve this excess stress and frustration caused by the events of life, to share my experiences with, and have both physical and cultural intercourse.

What I have noticed recently is that a majority of girls on the web, or in person, that are interested in sexual relationships are typically part of the "more action and less brain" club. These are girls that want only physical relationships or merely shallow mental ties. Is this what a real woman should be?

If anything, a true woman should be not only physically beautiful, but confident in their mental ability. The art of deep relationships is something that should be coming back into our modern social ideology.

Sorry if I am too contemplative tonight. I promise that it will get better.

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