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4/26/2006 7:10 pm

The Army offers a pretty good retirement plan for 20 years of service. THey offer you three options on this plan. 2 of them give you 50% of your base pay at retirement and not a whole lot more. The 3rd one offers you a $30,000 bonus at 15 years to stay for 20 years. But the cost is at 20 years you only get 40% of the base pay. But for every year you serve past 20 years you get 3.5% more on your base pay vs. 2.5% with the other 2 options.

So my dilema was which one to choose? so today I made the decission for the $30,000 and then plan on 22 years at the minimum. It will allow me to pay off all of the little naggin bills and get a fresh start after my recent divorce from the second wife.

But if given the option which one would you choose?

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