New Beginnings  

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7/28/2006 10:37 am

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New Beginnings

Well I arrived in Germany last thursday and have been her for a week now with the Army. I've been poked by a dentist that says I have cavities, and been through two days of torture being force feed the german language. The Language class isn't two bad but trying to learn a lifetime of german cramed into 4 days of sitting in a sweltering room with no A/C and a boring ass teacher isn't anybodies Idea of fun in there, but yet there is hope cause myself and one other brave Officer have pretty much been dubbed the clowns. While I'm not very funny normally, the german language makes everything sound like Mork and Mindy from the 80's NA-NU NA-NU... so we all chuckle and laugh at that funny sounds they are trying to make us use.

While the officer in question, we figured out today looks like Rabbit off of Super Troopers. And has a wierd habit of singing 80's an disco music to himself in the room.. So we all laugh and picture him with ong hair and a bandana tied around his head driving down the road thumping his head to techno ina red Porshe doing 130mph on the AutoBahn....

So the country we have yet to discover lays righ tout side the gate, but to protect us from the ourselves the higher chain of command has deemed it nessecary to restrict us to the base for the first two weeks in country so we dont get lost, make an dass out of ourselves or our country like th efirst group of IDIOTS did 2 Months ago..

Well Off to drink my first German beer in Germany, I bough t a case becaus eit came with a pretty cool glass mug, time to start my collection on mugs and glasses...

THe Savage.

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