DIVORCE what you should and shouldn't do  

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6/2/2006 7:32 pm

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DIVORCE what you should and shouldn't do

Why is it when you finally get the bitch into court for the final day in your divorce proceeding she realizes that she wants more?

I have bent over backwards for the bitch of wife I'm trying to get rid of and she just doesn't get it. I agreed to pay her $600 a month for 2 years, keep her on my Military medical for 5 years and just get on with my life. But no she wants me to pay for the fucking truck that she traded in my 4x4 truck while I was deployed to Iraq and she gets to keep it. WHAT THE FUCK... I may be nice guy, but damn I'm not made out of money. And all of this is so she wont go after my retirement from the Army.

But now that she was 5 minutes from getting 90% of what she wanted, I get to hire myself a lawyer and stick her with 2 things.. JACK and SHIT. Since she signed the joinder for the uncontested divorce and then backed out of it in front of the judge. I'm not planning on giving her a fucking red goddamn cent of my paycheck if my lawyer doesn't fuck me too bad.. I'd rather pay him the $14,400 she was going to get over the next 2 years instead.

So if I get married again, I am going to have a lawyer draw up paperwork to be signed before that states that in the event of a divorce she gets the clothes on her back and a swift boot in the ass. Or she can take option #2.. Bullet in the back of the head...

It would probably be cheaper to hire a hit-man. But why waste good money on someone I'd have to kill after-wards anyways... Damn science is getting to good nowadays, so maybe she'll just wreck the truck and get her head smashed in and fucking die like the Bitch she is...

The Savage

seeyouintacoma 52F

6/11/2006 8:07 pm

Having been screwed hard in my divorce....I can tell you I've made two decisions. Never get married again, and never get married again.

I need a sex life, but don't need to be married for that.

If you ever do that marriage thing, be sure you marry a woman who has more than you do....then she won't want your stuff. She'll be too busy protecting her stuff.

Are you ever gonna come and meet me before you leave? Wish you would....no harm no foul you know.
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