Leaving Las Vegas  

sassysmartgrrl 46F
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9/6/2006 5:04 am

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9/7/2006 5:06 am

Leaving Las Vegas

Back from Las Vegas, so many yummy girls and boys, but the Sassster was a comparatively an angel in Sin City as apposed to my evil ways here in the twin cities, of course you wouldn’t know it by the way I was dressed. Speaking of evil ways, I wore the red shoes, which always get me so much attention, honestly it’s not the shoes it’s the way they make my ass look. Flats are for those who just aren’t willing to try.
So back in the land of 1000 lakes, and it appears that fall showed up, and with it my inner 16 year old boy, well his sex drive at least, what is it, the cold morning and warm afternoons just leave a girl with lust on the brain, cock on the mind, call it what you will but cold morning make you think of morning sex to keep you warm and warm nights make you want to do crazy things, and warm afternoons, well people do crazy things in the heat, like wear short skirts only to beg off early to work and do naughty things with a hot girl or boy in a semi public place while the sun is still shining. Those of you who have been lucky enough to be on the receiving of some of the Sassy girls rather saucy electronic missives know just are enlightened to a particular fantasy that keeps going through my mind. Any idea what is up with that? Might as well take advantage of it while it lasts…. (As a side note recent purchases and metrological changes have once again awakened my anal fervor, I have always been into my ass but once again it’s at the forefront.More about that in my next post)
For those of you wondering, lady luck smiled on me in Vegas, I had a great time, but it’s good to be home again, although I am jetting off to France in a few weeks, it’s tough to be me. Now go out and do something naughty while it’s still warm outside that is all.

rm_YipYazoo 50M
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9/6/2006 8:22 pm

Glad you had a great time in Sin City! Welcome back to blogland.

As to your recurring fantasy, seems like the Sasster needs to fufill this wanton need. Perhaps one (or two) of your fellow AdultFriendFinder readers can help in this regard? We can only live in hope, you will bestow your carnal pleasures upon us.



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