Vigor on a Saturday afternoon  

sarisha 48F
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8/12/2005 5:20 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Vigor on a Saturday afternoon

I'm about to start a new project, scanning papers of writings. I volunteered to do this for a very good friend.

I can work quietly at my desk though I feel very vigorous and have a high level of physical energy, so I may really need to be physically active today. Solution, take short breaks and go out shopping.

rm_expertlips69 39M
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8/15/2005 10:30 am


Your a considerate friend. Hope he/she will return a favour!

Drop me an email in your short breaks if you want to chat

rm_jimwoo365 42M
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8/28/2005 11:25 pm


i have never communicated with you and i would like to start doing so. all the best with your new project.

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10/3/2005 9:48 pm


rm_troyx 39M

8/25/2006 7:28 pm

Vigor on a Saturday afternoon... Sometimes work has to come first. But my favourite is when you work and you come across a chance encounter. That sort of encounter where you know both of you want it. Want it really bad with sex oozing out of your every pores. Then it would vigorous and passionate and you do know work or otherwise it brings just reward Was wondering if you would like to meet up some time. troy_leex at the hot one to keep in touch.

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