Tired of the news!  

sargemc 64M
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3/17/2006 7:23 am
Tired of the news!

I know that this is a meet and hook up site. But,
I am hoping it can really be more than that. We can still do that and still exchange ideas to
make life better or everyone.

I am not crazy enough to think that anything that
is said or proposed here will change anything.
My hope is that it will open some ideas to how
we as Americans can influence the direction of our country.

Any of you who have seen anything I have posted know that I have lost a son to this war in Iraq.
I do not want anymore parents, brothers and sisters, to experience what my family has. This great country of ours is getting more and more
isolated in the world. We are fast becoming the most hated,not feared country on the planet.

Don't get me wrong. I support our troops all
over the world. I, myself, am a Viet Nam vet.
I fought and put my life on the line more than once. And would do it again, if I had too.

I just think that the money that they are spending on this war of the Bush's can be better spent here at home. Bring our boys and girls home
safe. We are in this conflict because we, the American public, were lied to. That just makes me madder everyday I think about it. And as you can tell by the job approval rate of this President,
the people are fed up with our kids being killed
over there.

As an American, a vet, and as a father who has paid a dear cost, it is time to stop the madness.
It is time to fix what is broken at home. It is time to worry about our own people for a change.
Don't you agree?

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