Shy..No More  

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4/16/2006 10:06 pm

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Shy..No More

Tonight my husband, and I went to the Vegas Club here in Branson for some good music and a couple of drinks. Having a sexual encounter wasn't in our plans, but, let me tell you what happened.

We were sitting at a table near the dance floor, and a nice loking guy about thirty-five came up and asked my husband if it were OK to ask me to dance. He said it was fine with him, and I stood up and he led me onto the dance-floor, and the band began a very slow song, and I found myself pulled very close, and I could feel him hard against me, and I felt myself becoming aroused. He pulled our hands down, and the back of his hand was rubbing my nipple which was very hard. I could feel my pussy becoming very wet. When the song was over, he asked if he could buy us a drink. My husband said fine with him, and the guy sat down to my left side. My husband on my right, and

I excused my self to the ladies room, and when I returned both guys seemed to be enjoying their conversation. I asked what they were talking about, and my husband said, "my hard nipples".

My husband rubbed his finger on my right nipple. and told 'Chad' to touch my left. They were very hard, and my pussy was very wet.

My husband "Bill" told him to reach between my legs and see if my panties were wet, not knowing I had taken my panties off when I went to the bathroom.

Chad put his hand on my inner-thigh, and slid it slowly up to my pussy. I couldn't help but moaning quietly. Bill asked him if my panties were wet, and Chad said there were no panties, but, my pussy was soaking wet. Bill reached up to feel, and felt Chads finger which by now was deep inside my pussy. Bye-bye to being shy, I said lets go somewhere, and...fuck.

Ten minutes later we were in a motel room. I was naked, and the two guys were making a sexual sandwich out of me. They were kissing my ears and neck and breasts, and Chad had his hand between my legs from the back, and Bill was playing with the top of my clit from the front. I had a hard cock in each hand, and wanted them in my mouth and pussy.

I told Bill to put his cock in my mouth..which he did, teasing my lips before pushing it in. I felt the head of Chads cock rubbing up and down the crack of my ass, and I pushed backward, and it began to enter my pussy. Bill was fucking my mouth and Chad fucking my pussy, and squeezing my breasts. He was pounding me hard and deep, from behind.

Bill said he was about to cum, and I licked and sucked and wanted it in my mouth. Chad said he was going to cum, and I've never let anyone, but, Bill...cum in my pussy.

Tonight was different. I wanted his cum. I told him to cum deep in me, and I felt it shooting inside, and I began cumming. too. Chad came an enormous amount. As he fucked in and out, his cum ran out of my pussy, and down my thighs, and down the crack of my ass. It was unreal.

After a 30 minute rest. They started on me again, amd it didn't take much to get me going. We did something I had never even thought of.

The two guys changed places, and Bill began rubbing the head of his cock right on my ass, and began pushing. Chad entered from the front, and the slick stuff coming out of Bills' cock allowed him to push it about an inch into my ass. It first it kinda hurt, but chad was fucking me deep, and i told Bill to go ahead, but, slowly.

It wasn't but a few seconds from there, and i had about 20 inches of cock in me. One in my pussy, and one in my ass. They filled me with cum, and I came when they did. I have really become turned on by a guys cum.

A week ago, I had only fucked my husband. This morning, things have really changed. I feel like I could fuck every cock in the world. I want more, more, more. What's going to happen next? I will let you know.

KingDaddyBull 39M

4/18/2006 6:12 am

The First Part of the story was great, the whole guy suck guy think i really didnt care for though.

realguy470 47M

4/26/2006 11:19 pm

'guy suck guy thing'?

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