special shout-out to LOVE_MY_TOYS  

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1/13/2006 12:41 pm

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special shout-out to LOVE_MY_TOYS

Yo People, waaasup?!? I'm glad to be back, had a semi-stressful day and I needed to find myself sitting at the computer at home getting hot and horny for all you lovers out there feeling the same way as me

I wanted to give a special shout out to the gentleman known as "LOVE_MY_TOYS" and would like to invite him to post a comment on my blog so that we can chat a bit. Seeing you in that picture mounting what looks like a buttplug has brought a warm smile to my face and a burning desire to do the same in my ass. I have to admit that I don't own too many toys, in fact I only have one - and funny enough, it wasn't purchased at a sex shop! Allow me to explain...

I was a young lad when I first realized that I wanted to explore my bum, let's say in my early-to-mid teen years. I had quite a strong premonition that my bum was in fact a "pandora's box" of pleasure just waiting to be opened. This I had deduced from the nice feelings that I felt when defecating. So I first started exploring just using a finger moistened with saliva, poking it in a bit, but not too deep...WOW I was right! There really is a lot of feeling here!

Once I had confirmed what I first intued, it was just a matter of finding the right object to stimiluate me in the right way. When I was left home alone, there was not one drawer at home left un-opened, not one cabinet left unshearched, not one bath or shower area left unexamined . Boy, from this point on, anything in the house that had a phallic shape would eventually end up in my arse hahahaha! If only my family knew!! I can just imagine my Mum taking out some candles to decorate the dinner table. "Oh my, what is that strange smell??" hahahahah! By the way, candles are not that fun, at least the ones I tried. they were too thin, not satisfying enough, and I even used the ones that twirled around!

Anyway, I'm not going to go through every single household object that I shoved up my ass including perishables (corn i found to be quite stimulating actually). Let's just say none were the "right" fit. Some too damn big (ouch!!) some too small, some too rough and some too short. But finally, I stumbled across the magnificent roll-on deoderant dispenser that has come to be my long-term sexual playmate. The most funny thing of all is that the brand of this deoderant is MUM !!!!(it's spanish, by the way)

I'm wondering how many other consumers out there have discovered this truly amazing double-entendre of a deoderant bottle? Do you actually think that the engineers who designed this glass bottle had in mind that it could double as a pleasure-toy? Allow me to give a brief description: Thick glass bottle, about 6 inches in length. the bottom is round (about 2 inch diameter), but the the glass tube turns elliptical for most of the length until the head where it again becomes round and there is the roll-on at the start. The cap looks very cock-like and in fact if you were to see it, you would automatically think that the cap-end would be the part you would insert, but in fact it doesn't work well because it is too sharp an edge where the cap ends. It's in fact the bottom end that goes in smoothely and boy once you remove the stickers, that glass bottle can do wonders for you!

Since then, I've used a dildo/vibrator a few times with my girl, which were nice, but only because they vibrate. My MUM treats me better than anything else and imagine how pleased I was when i found a new bottle of it at the drugstore offering 50% more for free! Those extra 2 inches can really be felt!! Oh gosh, precum is already pouring out of my cock, i better go do something about it. It must be the glass, I think that's the ideal surface for anal toys. Enjoy!

Love_My_Toys 53M
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5/7/2006 1:23 pm

Imagine my surprise to discover that I've been immortalized in someone's blog title.. Sorry that it took nearly six months to find it. The last time that I looked at your blog it was all in Spanish. It also appears that I'm going to be the very first to place a comment, so I'm sure that you already know that while a lot of men enjoy assplay, whether they're straight, bi, or gay, we're still in the minority, and to a certain extent, you will be shunned. If you already have a girlfriend who's into it, stick with her, because there aren't many who enjoy it.
Check out the topical groups section, there are quite a few that deal with toys and assplay, and it's the best place to find others of like minds, and those willing to share ideas and stories. Good Luck.

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