Last night the sex was wonderful  

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1/14/2006 1:25 pm

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Last night the sex was wonderful

I'm really tired right now so i'm not going to write much. I met up with my darling last night, she's my beautiful liberian girl. we made love all night long, i just couldn't get enough of her pussy. I had my face jammed in there for hours sucking that clit. at one point we were 69ing she was on top. i had her whole pussy in my mouth i would even make a point of nose-fucking her just to get that beautiful aroma stuck on and in my nose so that i could be smelling her until the moment i decide to take a shower, which has not yet happened!

Oh boy, my cock is getting hard again and precum is beginning to seep out. people were bashing me today in the magazing for making a remark about how precum is the best lubricant for fucking. they went on and on about how std's can be passed through pre-cum, etc. and I'm like: did i mention that i was sleeping around without a condom? Jesus people, you need to fucking relax!!! it is true though, i love using my own precum to please myself with my little butt-toy that i described in my earlier post.

Ok folks, time to hit the sack i'm totally beat. I think one day soon i will cough up the money and become a gold member so that I can watch all your horny people out there put on nice shows with your webcam. i need to buy a webcam too.

peace, love and more love

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