Sea Mountain Spa in Desert Hot Springs, CA  

sanmarcus 63M
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9/24/2005 12:54 am

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Sea Mountain Spa in Desert Hot Springs, CA

Located in Desert Hot Springs CA this used to be our favorite weekend get away destination when it was the San Marcus Inn. Can you see where my moniker comes from? I had a lot of fun there. SMS is an adult only, all nude, all open, sex play, resort. On weekends the rooms are booked for a month or more out. Even as long as two months out on holiday weekends. So you need to make plans if your going to stay overnight in one of the 15 rooms. SMS is even selling out on Sunday nights during the summer season and close to 100 couples visiting on Saturday, day/night passes during the summer season. Expensive yes, but worth the money. "If your really swingers." The rooms themselves are not worth the money but the atmosphere is. We have not seen anyone rich and famous but the party here is for real and none stop. Example: I had just returned pool side from my room when Dewy pointed a squirt bottle at my mouth and asked me if I wanted a shot of tequila? I politely declined, as I normally do not drink distilled spirits. I would rather stay sober and be ready to play then chance getting drunk. He then pointed the bottle at my dates pussy and squeezed, spraying away. How could I not refuse to lick it up! A while later here comes Dewy, making his rounds with his tequila squirt bottle. He asks two gals sitting next to me if they would like a shot? They say yes. Dewy points his bottle at my groin and fires away. 1. Having a guy spraying at your dick is weird. 2. The evaporation of the alcohol is cold! 3. Having two women sucking and licking the tequila off me was great! If your thinking of trying out Hedo II, III, or Desire for a week, Sea Mountain is a good dry run to see if your really up to swinging at that level. Most of the couples we have met and or played with at SMS had Hedo or Desire experience. When I spotted my first unicorn at SMS I did not mention it. However she is not the exception now. The last couple of times I have visited SMS there have been unicorns present. This last visit there were four in attendance. It seems the word is out and single females are coming to SMS to play with couples and or do the bi thing with the women. So if you are a single woman looking to hook up with a female or a couple or two, you just may want to get to get to SMS and fly. If all the rooms are booked and your going for a day/night pass there are two straight hotels just two blocks away to stay at. There are also the fine resorts in Palm Springs about 8 miles away or the standard name hotel chains along the I-10 about 5 to 10 miles away. During the summer season don't forget to bring flyswatters for the both of you. (Serious} I don't know where they come from but your going to encounter a lot of flies. If you don't have a fly swatter you will wish you paid attention to this post... Please fill free to read more about lifestyle venues I have visited in my blog: "559 Area events for couples."

sanmarcus 63M
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3/26/2011 11:42 am

Well, this could be my last trip for an over night stay. I just booked for two nights; April 8, 9, 11. $379.00 per night! This is to rich for my wallet but a lady friend wants to stay and experience SMS.

purexxxjoy 50M/40F
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1/11/2006 2:31 pm

Thanx guys, we might take you up on your suggestion/invite.

rm_sandman3sum 44M
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1/8/2006 3:19 am

we're from fresno, we would like join you. My wife loves to get licked an sucked on by women. The thought of two is driving her crazy!

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