bare and bold figure  

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3/23/2006 10:47 am

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bare and bold figure

Truly speaking, breasts and waist play the vital role while creating a feminine appeal. In fact, a silhouette with sharp curves are strong enough for someone to get turned on. Photographers are quite aware of this fact while casting a female character.

Shiny skin and beautifully toned body are highlighted in fashion photography. If she wears bikini or choli, it should have deep cut in front. She usually lowers her head toward the camera so that it catches joint of her breasts. If she plays bathing scene, she can have towel over her breasts but her shoulders are bare. When she exposes her legs, it should be shiny, smooth and well toned .

Many of the female models wear breast pads to enlarge their breasts while taking the snap. The breasts tend to look more firm and solid with pad. Bras are available with various cup sizes to fit. A tightly fitted t-shirt can expose the shape of breasts and it usually look like solid and round ball which is very appealing.

Have you ever got turned on to see bra of a female wearing see through outer garments ? It is quite common to see bra knots on the back but that is not so attractive. Though a choli with narrow band can catch the eye very easily.

Photography highlight navel and crotch beautifully in female. A female clad in tight jeans, pajama or shorts can show her crotch in an irresistible way. She looks best while showing her crotch with legs little apart. She must wear skin tight shorts. If she wears something thin and smooth for her lower half, it is quite appealing to watch her butt.

Photographers not only capture her posture but her mood and attitude as well. Have you ever seen any female trying to remove her inner wear desperately. It gives sense to men that she is going to remove her only second skin to show her bare and bold body.

Innocent females catch attraction very easily because she is considered to be virgin. I did not mean that she never had sexual intercourse. What I meant is she is someone who is very loyal to men. She is submissive and can be dominated easily. Innocence is sold very easily when it sits on the face of a female.

rm_solystis 70M
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3/29/2006 4:48 am

most men love good lingerie

and the sex ratio is basically waist over but and as close to .67 the sexier the person is

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6/5/2006 12:49 am

It was nice to see people speaking openly about things. I hope you would continue the same and share your knowledge. Thanks sweeeeeetttyyyyyy (just by seeing your great article).

Enjoy your life

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