Sexy Caress - stimulated by touch  

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4/27/2005 1:55 pm

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Sexy Caress - stimulated by touch

Well haven't written in the blog for a few days so I thought I would add a little something.

I was thinking the other day about how much I like to be touched. Feeling the light finger tips of a woman slipping across my skin really makes me shiver with excitement.

Even in the professional setting of massage therapy I sometimes feel very excited at the touch that is administered. It's not a sexual thing but the physical reaction is still there. I don't see the massage therapist as even a potential sexual partner, I don't even know if she is married, single, straight, lesbian or what...It doesn't matter to me. However the touch that is administered is still very stimulating. As much as I try to prepare my mental state for healing when I go to for my massage I still get a erection when I am on the massage table.

The therapist senced that I was reluctant to turn over because of my condition. She assured me that it happens a lot and that I should just let the massage happen and it will simply fade as I relax and center my thoughts on healing.

It's still a bit embarrassing. It happened to me once while visiting a resort in Calistoga California. Theraputic hot mud bath, I was there with a former lover and we were having a soak together. Sex was never discussed, I wasn't even thinking about sex, but once the warm mud smoothed over my skin I was instantly erect.

When the attendant came back to wash off the mud and deliver towels. I was of course reluctant to exit the mud bath because of my huge erection. My lover asked the attendant if she would come back in a few minutes she obliged.

My lover then said it is a natural thing and that I shouldn't be embarrassed at all by it. Easy for her to say, she doesn't have something that she can hang a towel on when she gets excited.

So needless to say it seems I have very sensitive skin. I never thought simple contact with the skin could be so stimulating.

Anyway, just something I thought about and wanted to share. Would love to hear about others that may have ultra sensitive skin or who might be very stimulated by simply the touch of another.


ps. The art work in the last two entries was created by Kate Hitt. She is a erotic artist in L.A., California. Kate, is a wonderful person and very talented. She has a website but AdultFriendFinder won't let me list a link in my blog. Just search her on Google and check out her stuff.

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