I'm an Addict!  

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6/30/2005 1:27 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I'm an Addict!

I am addicted to Blogging! Not so much writing in them but reading them. It is like a window into someones life.

Exploring blog land is so amazing because of the variety of things you get to read. I have noticed recently that my bookmarks consist of more Blog destinations then any other kind of website.

It is truly entertaining to read the thoughts, ramblings, rants, raves, stories, essays, poems and so much more of people from all walks of life.

Granted, not all blogs are Great but most are very entertaining. Many have made me chuckle, some have made my cry, some have made me angry and still others have made me laugh my hind parts off.

It is a very interesting dynamic how the blog puts you in such intimate proximty of a person and yet keeps you at such a distance both geographically and mentally.

The internet as a whole has pushed many of us apart and yet brought so many of us together. It is a spectacular tool and I have to admit that I am addicted to taking a little peek inside many of you. Here's the scary part....I like it....

Keep bloggin everybody...

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