FOOD! - it's erotic to me  

sandhazard 54M
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5/19/2005 9:41 am

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FOOD! - it's erotic to me

Part #1

I was reading a blog by a AdultFriendFinder member about how she gets turned on by Rachel Ray a chef on the Food Network.

It really got me to thinking about how I have been turned on by some of the chefs on that network as well. It made me think even deeper about how food has a real erotic effect on me.

Different resturants give me all kinds of fond memories about people I have shared meals with, not all of those meals leading to a sexual encounter but still very warm and fond feelings.

I think that even when my relationships that have ended over a dinner at favorite resturants made the break up a bit easier to take. Strange I thought, but maybe not. There is comfort in food. I am not a big eater but I do try to eat healthy. That makes me feel good and when I am having a down day it's amazing what a fine meal will do for the spirit.

The subtle intimacy that comes with breaking bread with those you love and care about makes the experience wonderful. Even when the meals are tense with discussions of politics, business, religion even family matters a meal seems to temper the tone.

Please remember while reading that these are purely my observations and I am full aware that not all meals are wonderful and pleasant. I am simply reflecting on the experiences I have had.

It's just something to think about the next time you raise your glass and you look across the table and at that moment examine your true feelings about what you are experiencing.

cutepdxbbw 36F

5/19/2005 5:05 pm

i agree wholeheartedly with your comment on giada. she is really sexy, although not chunky enough for me... i like to have something to hold onto while i'm screwing them in the pantry.... hehe

i love the way they shoot giada's show, maybe it's the porn-like music in the backround or the sensual way she treats the food.... but her show has gotten my juices flowing too....

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