Exporting Middle-Income America  

sandhazard 54M
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6/9/2005 9:51 am

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8/10/2006 1:10 am

Exporting Middle-Income America

Yep, jobs are exporting out of this incredible country faster then jobs can be created. Unknowingly, I was guilty of facilitating this. The company that I worked for and eventually left because of this activity is still at it.

The final straw for me and the exact time that I walked in to my boss and resigned was when I had to layoff a single mother of two right before Christmas. I had laid off forty-six employees prior to that and all because the same jobs would be taken care of for one tenth the cost by off-shore contractors. This all started in 2001 under the guise of economic cutbacks. Granted we had just been attacked on 9-11 but you would think that would bring the country closer to home shores when doing business. You would think!

I walked into my bosses office handed her my resignation letter and chaos insued. Not because I was some beloved employee of many years service, but because she would then have to take care of all the additional layoffs, some 300 employees I later found out. The plan for me was that I would have to be retrained to handle all of the off-shore (slave labor) contractors.

Well, I had to change my life. This meant changing my lifestyle as well. It has been a tough five years trying to make it as an Artist but I am slowly getting back to the income I was making as a corporate suit.

I read in Fast Company Magazine that 400,000 jobs per year over the last 4 years are being out-sourced to off-shore contractors. Many politicians say these are jobs that middle income Americans don't want to do anyway...that is complete BS! WE are talking tech support call center type jobs. These are white collar office jobs that take experienced professional people.

The reason any great empire falls is complasency.

nightstogether 56M

6/9/2005 10:58 am

It's happening to us all, in one way or another. Still, I think you did the right thing in resigning under the circumstances.

private-intellectual (.de)

rm_jayR63 59F
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6/9/2005 3:04 pm

Extrememely admirable of you to stand up for the courage of your convictions.
Life is not about money.
Follow your bliss.

Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

6/12/2005 1:34 pm

Good job.
If we the people send a message to the corporate that we will not tolerate this, then they will have to change how they do business. Once you suffer through all the lay offs, and made life easy fro them, I bet your number was next.

I can understand you quittign that company, well you did not quit, they made choices you could not accept. You are the one that looks at your self in the mirror each morning, I say you should be proud of what you see.

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