Cut or Uncut  

sandhazard 54M
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4/22/2005 9:46 am

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Cut or Uncut

So, I ran a question in the advice section of the magazine about being circumsized. After a experience I had with a woman that was a bit condescending to me about my circumsized penis.

Basically after we had some incredible sex we were laying in bed just chatting and she made a comment about how it was "unfortunate that I had been circumsized". This made me curious about why she would say something like that after we had just had "incredible sex"(her words) so I asked what she was talking about. She began to give me her somewhat uninformed opinion about how circumsized men had less sensitivity in their penis then uncircumsized men. Therefore, her opinion was that I was not able to have an orgasm as intense as a uncircumsized man would have because of the lack of my foreskin and the nerves that are included in it.

This literally made me laugh at her. I tried to explain to her the concept of "preception of reality". My preception of reality is I have not known any other type of orgasm then the orgasms that I have acheived over my life. My orgasm is intesified as I become more open and aware of ALL my feelings and emotions. The orgasm I have is the sum total of that awareness.

The nerves in my penis are simply a function of physiological response and would only effect my ability to have or not have an orgasm. The intensity of that orgasm is more of a psycological function. The more aware I am of my body, feelings and emotions the more intense the orgasm.
Add in the fact that I take care of myself physically and that I study Tantric meditation my orgasms are, in all probability, more intense then anything she has experienced.

I have even had multiple orgasms where after my initial orgasm I remain erect and after a couple minutes of any type of continued contact I have another orgasm. The most so far has been 5 consecutive orgasms that included ejaculation.

So, I would love to hear other thoughts, comments, opinions about this. Are there any others out there that practice Tantra and has it helped to intensify your sexual pleasure and performance?

Always interested in what you have to say.

wanderlust1176 41F

4/22/2005 11:09 am

It is refreshing to read of a woman being ignorant and assuming rather than a man. I think it is wonderful that you have actually applied your intellect to the challeng of being a better lover, I wish more men would do the same. From the sounds of it, your cut penis is doing just fine the way it is.

Ps. please forgive me, Im wearing my bad speller dunce cap today

sandhazard 54M
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4/22/2005 3:44 pm

Not a spelling contest here Wanderlust. I can spell, it's the typing part that tends to get in my way.

Thanks for your kind comments and I hope you visit again. Going over to view your blog.


sandhazard 54M
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4/23/2005 12:14 pm

It's truely refreshing to find intelligent life on this web site as well as a bunch of sexy people. Thanks all for visiting my tiny little spot on the rump of the Internet...hehee

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