Couples videos - another observation  

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7/18/2005 2:50 pm

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Couples videos - another observation

I wrote a blog about this once before but I have noticed something that cracks me up.

I am not sure how the whole video broadcast thing works on AdultFriendFinder so if I get it wrong feel free to correct me.

So I just came from the "Watch other broadcasts". I haven't checked in there for quite a while but I noticed that the couples that broadcast are just about always Males whacking off.

The interesting thing about that is the display picture that you can put up that is suppose to help you attract others is almost always a nude picture of the female. When I look at some of the profiles of these couples they almost always state "No Single Men".

Logic would dictate that, if you know the site is predominately male (ratio of about 1000 males for every female) then why would a couple put a image up showing the female?

Maybe the couple is thinking that the female image will attract other like minded females? On a site that has a high population of females I would agree with that strategy. But, on this site it would seem you will attract a lot of males. At least that seems to be some of the rants in the magazine section about people not reading profiles.

Ok, so maybe I am putting way to much thought into this. As I have said in other posts I am truly fascinated by people and the kooky behaviors.

Would love to hear any other thoughts or theories about this topic.

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