AFF Magazine Advice section: Helpful or Joke?  

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7/12/2005 2:38 pm

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AFF Magazine Advice section: Helpful or Joke?

Ok, so you weed through all the "Is my penis big enough?" questions and you see a subject that seems to be quite interesting only to find out some ding-a-ling has written a great headline to suck you in and they end it with a "Is my penis big enough?" question.

The Advice section is becoming more of a Joke section and I don't see anything that is of any real help. I haven't even seen any really good advice for ages.

I have also noticed that some people are giving medical opinions and even diagnosis to sexual disfunction. First I would never take any advice from a complete and total stranger unless they have somehow qualified themselves to me through some sort of credential. Even then I would do lots of homework on my own.

I know this "Advice Section" is really just for entertainment but reading some of the responses you can tell a lot of people take it very seriously.

This is strictly my personal opinion and I know I will upset somebody that really takes the advice section seriously so I will place my disclaimer here and say that this is my personal opinion and not any kind of protest to have the advice section taken away.

I guess it's like the real lack of people reading profiles. This is another thing that can be really annoying. I don't think you can make the mistake that I am Gay by reading my profile, especially when it states that I am straight and I am looking for Women! Yet, I have had several emails from gay men asking for meetings, dates and other things!

One guy only wanted me to mastubate on his face. I just don't get how a person could just say that in a email.....didn't even say hello or introduce himself *sick*.

Anyway, just an observation from the Sand Hazard.

Thanks for dropping by gang.

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