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5/13/2005 8:47 pm

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Today is Saturday and now is 12:38 in Japan. Woo hoo, lunch time but I don't need some foods because I took branch just now..lol Well, I had enjoy chatting with people last night and just now too. It was make me feel so fine and throw my lonely minded.... thanks for people*big smile*

I have to go work later and then back to home maybe night. I will do my best for work. But I am glad I get a day off tomorrow so I will be enjoy stay relax all day! I will take in the bathtub with light up aroma candles and listen to my favorite music this night after when I am back to home

But, but, but.... I am feel so blue because I have enjoy my day off or something just myself... If I had a special person, I want to have chatting and laughing and of course do some good things with him

Well, Thanks for reading my blog.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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samuraiprincess 50F

5/18/2005 5:36 am

Hi esbaypod, Thanks for your comment. Yes I think so, a little bit expensive some kind of Japanese foods like a Shabu-Shabu... But they are waiting for when you back to here one day(smile)

samuraiprincess 50F

5/19/2005 6:38 am

Oh, you like oni-giri?
I will cook for you one day when you back to here
But I know you can not come to here soon so I will show up a picture when I cook oni-giri on this weblog near future Oh, please don't call me oni-giri-girl okay? lol

samuraiprincess 50F

5/23/2005 11:08 pm

Hi Mr.esbaypod a.k.a onigiri-boy(hahaha)
I thought Onigiri-girl means Japanese woman. Don't you think so?
Oh you come back to here on July? That is good.
Here is in summer when you come to here,
and I wish you can have taste Cold-shabu-shabu(hehehe)

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