I wish....  

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5/23/2005 8:33 am

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I wish....

Hmmmm, I drinking a beer now...(it is not ASD...LO. Because I am feeling better now. I had many problems in my live recently and I had to settle just myself and I got a settle it this afternoon today!! I had hard about it from March... I have to do try to settle other problems from now on too.. So I just try my best for other things too!

You know how much hard live just my(woman)self in Japan right now because of business depression. I heard a lot of women are not divorced with their husbands because they are thinking afraid and hard their lives after divorced. But I don't understand about live together with not love or respect peron in a house better tha continue thier married.

I know how much hard a woman just live herself... But I think it is better than maid with husband. I divorced with my ex-husband 8 years before and I don't have regret. And just try to be positive in my life(smile).

Anyway, I watched of the movie "Malcolm X" on Japanese Cable TV this early morning(about 1am). I watched of that movie many times and I have the movie video too but I wanted to watch again. It was good movie and I like Denzel Washington(smile). Here(Japanese cable TV) has special program of Denzel Washington this month and I can watch of his movies many times... I think I am lucky!

I love his movies. Especially, "Malcolm X" and "JohnQ", "Remember The Titans", "Hurricane", "Mo'Better Blues", "Ricochet" etc etc... I do hope more Black American movies roadshow in Japan!!! Still wish!

awwwwww.... now is 0:30am in Japan... I have to wake up early morning and go to work tomorrow.. Hmmmm I will go to sleep... but I know it will be good sleep to me(secret smile.

To: All visiter, Thanks for reading my weblog.
I hope you take care and have a wonderful day

samuraiprincess 50F

5/23/2005 11:21 pm

Hi there esbaypod,
Thank you for your many comments. You know here is recession while and it is hard to looking for job people. Especially women... I don't like when I went to interview at office and then almost workers asked me why I am live in here and not go back to my home town and why I am still keep single after my divorced or do I have get married soon and most bad question is I am too old But I think I am lucky because I found a good work now So I have enjoy and try to my best for work about 4years.

Anyway, is that you write movie is "Philadelphia", right? I heard that a good movie too but I never seen it so I will watch of that when I have chance And I will watch of another movie video this evening. Maybe "Love Jones" or "The Best Man"

Don't worry I have rest and good sleep recently.
Yes Beer is good sleeping pill but it is enjoying pill to me(hahaha)

Take care and God Blessed you!

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