The original Random Thoughts  

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5/16/2005 7:07 am

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The original Random Thoughts

Since I decided to call this blog Random Thoughts, I figured I reprint a piece from one of my older blogs called (you guessed it) Random Thoughts. This will also explain the twisted mind comment in my description.

Random Thoughts
1. Just because something works once, doesn't mean you shouldn't keep doing it over and over again until it stops working.
2. It's always darkest when all the lights are out.
3. Don't ask.
4. A thing is only impossible until someone figures out how to do it.
5. Pain is just natures way of saying: DON'T DO THAT!!!!!!!!
6. Losing isn't always a good thing.
7. Do not mistake madness for genius, madness is alot more fun.
8. Go that way.
9. Subsequent attempts, while often more efficient, will usually lack focus.
10. Don't worry, no one else knows.

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