Started 3rd shift last night  

sammiesunshine 46M
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6/23/2006 11:58 am
Started 3rd shift last night

I started working third shift lastnight. It has really messed up my sleep cycle.

Its bad enough that I'm horny as a rabbit right now, but I keep falling asleep and taking short two hour naps. Everytime I wake up I have a massive case of morning wood.

This is something that I would find very funny, if it was happening to anyone else but me. To make to worse there is a post over in the DD+ tit lovers group calling for a bra check. Naturally everyone has an incriadable pick of massive racks. I got off before finishing three pages of posts. There are some truely massive and beautiful mammeries out there.

Its going to be hard meeting my date tonight, becouse I want to kiss her hello and drop her to her knees in public wherever we are and have her service me. Its not that I'm chovinistic or domenering- I'm just that damn horny.

We've been talking for a week now and she really has me turned on.

Either i'm going to have a colorful story in a few days, or be very very very avaialabe.....(god I want to fuck her brains out all weekend, just 7 more hours of waiting left)

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