Pirates: a response....  

sammiesunshine 46M
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8/7/2006 4:53 am
Pirates: a response....

I love the fear and reputation of Blackbeard...but he lost in the end to a determine pirate hunter. I think he lost, becouse the pirate hunter decided that it was a DIP mission...Die In Place...either you die or they die. Blackbeard was a huge man..while Black Bart was a smaller man..I love the audacity of Blackbeard..I also love the audacity of Black Bart.

Black Bart hated the French govener of Martinique...he hated him so much, that when he heard that a bounty had been put on his head..he went after the govener. He came aside the goveners Man O' War and announced that he had information about "Black Bart"..the govoners ship wanted to hear the information and allowed him to close to with in speaking range..untill..A broadside opened up the ship which was then boarded and the Govener was hung from his own yard arm.

The life of a pirate is freedom, yet it comes at a price. I am thinking of the Northridge Bank robbers..they had an increadable firefight..yet in the end they died. They made an incredable statement about freedom...yet whats the point.

Change of story.

I was driving with my 10 year old daughter past the San Francisco National Cemetary...I don't know the real name of it..but it is a huge national cemetary where a hell of a lot of WWII dead are burried. You can see it from the Interstate..a huge American flag..with row after row after row of crosses lined up, gleaming in the sun.

She asked me what that was...I told her the story of sacrifice. That ALL fredom comes with sacrfice. I told her the story of WWI and WII...I told her of my sacrifice to defend the nation.. I told her the sacrifice I made in life to be with her.. I told her that ALL fredom requires sacrifce..be it driving 8 hours to be with your daughter on your day off...or giving you life so that others may live.

I want the gay guy at work to dye his hair crappy green. I paid for it and want someone to benifit from the freedom I paid for. I don't agree with it...but I'm a fucking American..and damn it..so is he...If that is what he wants to do with his hair...I'll kill any bastard that stands in the way. I fight for the people who can't fight for themselves, becouse that is what this country is about.

guess I better make this a post..instead of a responce..

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