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sammiesunshine 46M
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7/9/2006 3:58 am

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7/14/2006 5:19 am

Lenard Cohen


I've been listening to diffrent versions of this song.

K.D. Lang, Bob Dylon and Jeff Buckley.

I like th KD Lang version the best. I first heard this song on the West Wing. It was used in the finial episode of the third season. Its an emotional song for an emotonal episode. Bartlett orders the assasination of Abuel el Shariff and CJ loses Donovian. The eposode is heart breaking, but the mix of the music drives the impact home even more.

I guess there always has to be a balance in life. Where the is pain there is joy, and joy pain.

"King David finds the perfect cord to please the lord, but you don't like music much anyway do ya."

"She ties you to her kitchen chair, she broke your throne, as she cuts your hair and from your lips escapes Hallejuha..Hallejuha"

"Maybe there is a god above, but all I've learned from love is to shoot someone who out drew you"

The music is calm and soothing, I'm enraptured by a woman 1000 miles away, but lives in on of the poorest parts of the country. Median income is 23,000 average age is 33. unempolyment 11%. I guess that is part of life. "our love is not a victory march, its a call and a broken hallejluha"

Find the song on limewire. all three versions have the same words, KD Lang's in the clearest to understand.


7/9/2006 4:54 am

Guess that is the only way to feel exquisite joy by knowing the sufferings of pain. {=} hugs and kisses, MO

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SmallTightKitty2 105F

7/9/2006 7:20 am

The heart and soul cries deeply for the pain they feel. Love is both joy and pain from the begainning to the end of it time. It is the joining of two loves that give the each of you what the other needs by loving unconditionally and excepting one another for who they are...yet different from yourself. Faith in yourself and them builds the bond of love. Faith and love together give you both the strenght to stand as one in harmony against the trails that you both will face.

JazzDlight 59F

7/9/2006 9:50 am

SmallTightKitty...that was beautiful. Hugs, Jazz

bigmig52 64M
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7/9/2006 5:23 pm

Hallelujah is one of my favorites as well, I like the late Jeff Buckley's version myself. I've been a fan of Leonard Cohens lyrics since the late 60's. He is one hell of a poet and lyricist, anyone not familiar with his work should check him out. A lot of artists cover his work in addition to the ones mentioned by Sammie. Madeleine
Peyroux does a great version of his "dance me to the end of love" for any fans of hers. Cohen puts a different twist on things than we are used to. If I'm not mistaken he is now in his mid 70's and still writing and performing.

AtomicKisss 58M

7/9/2006 8:23 pm


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