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7/21/2006 4:55 am

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We went to see "Pirates II". We watched the movie..and then went to work.

Call me silly, but I'm shy to kiss her. I think I am just waiting for the right moment. She is another vergin..so I'm not talking sex to her at all..

This is the interesting part..she is a hugger and a toucher. She started out by introducing herself...which seamed normal enough..she was doing it to everyone. Odd becouse around here we are very reserved...very reserved. I guess I caught her eye for some reason. We are exact opposites..I tend to be pessimistic and she is very optomistic. Its a good balance... we were goofing around poking each other, when she called peace and gave me a huge hug. Which was cute, but it was a heavy..full bodypress, grind the chest in hug. I got a good feel of her boobs which are small, but full and perky.

I thought interestisting..time passes..every time we pass each other she would give me a huge smile and wave..it was childish..but cute. I encouraged this by smiling back and waving just as goofy.

Lunch happens and I mention that I have a headache from the heat. I get a little sympathy..but think nothing of it. After lunch she FINDS me and gives me another huge hug, again pressing her boobs into me...and runs away. I asked her why..and she said "random hug"..

I test the waters and give her a hug, which she returns..so for the last three days we have been passing these intimate hugs back and forth. She has been with me most of the time at work when we can get away with it. People are already talking and asking me where my girlfriend is.

Last night I decided to see what I could get away with so I asked her to the movies. She said yes..and we went. I was going to kiss her there,but decided to back off. We did share one of the most intimate hugs yet.

They are starting to get on us about the age diffrence..which is..big..although it is about the same diffrence as the other woman I've been "dating" long distance, (but I'm the younger one)

WE hug cheak to cheak, and hold each other tight...so something is going on.

I was told today to stop masterbating and to get laid..so I don't know if that is a back door signal to try something..or someone just telling me that I need to get laid.

rm_GaiaSong 44F
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7/21/2006 6:20 am

One question comes to mind - How much do you like your job? Even for the average individual who doesn't wear every emotion on their sleeve, dating people at work is a lousy idea. But, for an affectionate, bubbly, young virgin...not something I'd want in my office after telling her that I didn't want to see her anymore. For the most part, relationships end. Unless you're working in some sort of transitory position, I'd say keep masturbating.

SmallTightKitty2 105F

7/21/2006 9:33 am

Be careful not to get the "wrong" people at work pissed off at you as they ARE watch ing YOU (both) very close now. It is only natural for a her to let them know ya went to the movies and all. Watch you back at work work!!!

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