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1/12/2006 10:41 pm

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Now I actually can remember a dream I saw last night. I would have had to go to some slightly unpleasent social thing (meeting someone), but didn't want to, so instead I came up with a plan that I'd say I can't go because I have an another appointment. A good plan, except that I actually would have had to go to this other thing, and it was a surgury, an operation I wouldn't have needed. I thought about it, and after the operating staff told me about the details of the operation (that would have been in my stomach), I decided that hell no, I can't do this, even if I had to let the other person who I had lied about my other appointment, know that I had lied.

A tricky situation. Luckily, the dream ended just before I had to tell this, the same thing as with dreams as usual, they end just before something terrible is goin to happen, like when you're about to die, crash into the asphalt after droppin from the 50th floor, etc.


2/4/2006 10:14 pm

I don't know why but hearing this dream makes me think of those rare dreams I'll sometimes have in which I discover that I have been involved in a murder. I never know exactly how the murder happened only that I am definitely somehow involved in it and that there is a good chance the police will want to speak to me about it if all the remaining evidence is found by them.

These are very uncomfortable and unsettling dreams even after I wake from them.

oh yeah,
terve (tuola)


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