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1/13/2006 12:19 pm

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Coma Dreams

Actually, the subject is impossible. You don't see too much dreams in a coma. The funny thing is, that when I was waking up from it, I saw a lot of weird stuff - but not any kind of "tunnel" or whatever you're supposed to see when "almost" dying. At least this is what is told in many "near death experience" stories.

A tunnel to heaven? Hell no! There is nothing, the stairway is empty! You can see whatever, but the tunnel stuff is as real as my UFO stuff was, complete BS. So, when you die, you might as well see UFO's as some stairway or tunnel stuff. Like Mr Scarface from the Geto Boys once said in his track, "my mind's playin tricks on me". No afterlife, no nothing, except for the stuff one's mind creates, and that's mostly not when dying, but when waking up from unconsiousness. The bottom line: they're dreams altogether (that's why this is in this blog). Maybe Freud saw some of it when being on opium, who knows.


2/4/2006 10:27 pm

i think the dying experience is unique to the individual and there is no one standard set of things that each will go through at that point.

My understanding fo it is that the dreamworld and the realm of the dead are pretty much the same place on that the world of the dead has some parameters not usually accesible when you are in the dream state.

with an emphasis on "not usually"

Therefore for some dying is no big deal at all since the territory is already so familiar from dreaming. Others have no clue they are in the same place and panic and get into self created terror or horror spaces. That's hell right there but it is also pretty much a projection created by the person who beleives they are trapped there.

And when they change what they are thinking the scenario also changes.

As it does also here in the physical only not usually in such an exaggerated fashion.

Perkele (I have no idea what that means but it's one of the few Finn words I recall hearing from my Swedish/Finn friend in Sweden.)


salasana99 41M

2/4/2006 11:59 pm

True, that's solely my experience. "Perkele" is a classic way of swearing, it's like when I dropped the hoover, I could have shouted "perkele"; actually I think I said "vittu" (meaning "fuck").


2/6/2006 9:03 am

yes that would make sense.

that Swedish friend's mother had a Finnish family and his father was a Swede.

This friend had the opinion that Finnish was an excellent "cussing language" because the language itself has a generally hard and aggressive tone to it. And this quality of the langauge (according to him) was even more present in most Finnish cuss (swear) words.

I think I now recall a funny sounding term he gave me that he claimed meant something like "violent diarhhea" (high powered, explosive liquid shit fountain)

rrabbadouti - that's at least how it sounded but I'm clueless on the proper spelling. Does that seem like a word you've heard before?


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