Walking with a hard-on in London spring  

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4/26/2006 8:28 am

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Walking with a hard-on in London spring

Spring has finally hit the London town. You may not notice it immediately from the weather, but the sure sign of spring is when the gorgeous London women begin to shed their winter 'fur'. The hemlines are up, summer colours are in and men are walking into lamp posts as they check out the rear view as women walk by.

I just love this city of ours.

Spring can also be pretty embarrassing if you have an active Johnson. I was sitting on a tube yesterday and my Johnson just decided to have a massive hard-on as the beautiful woman sat opposite to me. So, what is one to do? Well, in one practised, understated but gentlemanly move you cross your legs and think of the Queen and the country and hope that Johnson would go back to sleep. Under no circumstances should you spread your legs and smile knowingly - we are English for cry out loud. The only tell-tale sign of your unease might be blushed complexion.

Walking along with a hard-on is an entirely different matter. The only technique I know is the hand-in-the pocket technique, but it may not always work....for obvious reasons. This is especially problematic when going commando or wearing boxers. Until I find a better way, I may just need to enjoy London with Johnson proudly pointing the way.

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