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1/28/2006 1:07 am

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Hi all,

It has been a while since I updated my blog! I guess the reason is that one gets so wrapped up with the day to day affairs of living and just managing in this wonderful metropolis of ours.

A friend of mine recommended me to join the RAC - The Royal Automobile Club. Before you say - what is this man about, it's a breakdown service, (that's what I thought), hear me out. It is a most wonderful private club on Pall Mall, with restaurants, gym and amazing Turkish baths. I guess it is like the Harvard Club in Boston, in which I also get a membership in.

So, as my first outing I decided to take an afternoon off to go to the baths. There are about five rooms of varying temperature one is able to move around in. The day I went was a mixed day for both sexes; not a very sexual experience, but it certainly was nice to see women in their cossies - women who are well heeled (or their husbands who are). I got chatting to one amazing brunette in her late 50's, and I thought - WOW- until it transpired that she was a very good friend of the man who recommended me to the club.

Well, she was 10 years my senior, but she could have pulled me any time, but I had to hold back - not a very English thing to do, is it, becoming the talk of the town in your first outing?

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