sailboat33.0 63M/59F
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3/7/2005 6:34 am

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8/29/2010 8:10 am


we are looking for a male in south louisiana who can become a great friend, do things with, and go places and just hang out, thanks

harley_time 56M

11/12/2005 7:48 am

Can't wait to meet this intesting couple.

Lookin4aFnFrkyFm 39M

5/7/2006 3:01 pm

I'm interesting meet this couple also.

rm_reenact_23 48M
7 posts
11/21/2006 12:54 pm

would luv to meet y'all soon...u can add me on YIM,if u like...reenact_23

looking forward to chatting/meeting soon!!!
take care,

rm_rajuncajun50 62M
4 posts
3/9/2007 6:25 am

Hello Sailboat I would love to hang out with ya'll and see what happens I live in Lake Charles ..just email me or hit me up would love to meet I ride My harley down there and meet for drinks or eat and chat to see let me know

KnellFicheShyly 61M
9 posts
3/8/2009 2:28 pm

hi sailboat... i would be interested in joining your group of friends...holler at me and would enjoy seeing what we have in common over drinks...let me know if want to meet...

Scorpian_Luvr69 47M

3/12/2009 8:28 am

hi sailboat give me a shout by e-mail and lets see what happens.....dick_tastic_70502 is always ready to make that kitty purrrrr....local and available ....

PubisClaimZooms 60M

10/15/2010 3:51 am

I would love to meet talk and hopefully play as well , very respectfull and shy but fun

840 posts
12/23/2010 12:54 pm

lets play, im close

NAKED MALE Housecleaning, for the LADIES only !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Stroking videos, Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!
Message me for more info.

linpar111 50M

1/20/2011 5:28 am

nice pic like it

rajuncajun2006 51M
3 posts
3/14/2011 10:38 am


PiscesLookin4Sex 39M

4/8/2011 3:50 pm

I'd love to be ya'lls great friend, to do things with, and go places and just hang out with.

wanttoplay194619 66M
29 posts
8/19/2011 1:05 pm

Sailboat I fell in love with your body a long time ago wish we lived closer.

stilllooking2012 60M

8/24/2011 10:11 am

wish I were closer

humm169 45M
32 posts
9/4/2011 1:42 pm

hi ever come to baton rouge would love to chat

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