Aren't we all here to meet?!?  

sadock76 44M
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6/18/2005 9:28 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Aren't we all here to meet?!?

I'd love to be doing less work on this site. Thusfar, MILFGoddess is the only lady I've been able to arrange a meeting with. I recognize that ladies get lots of email so they often can't contact all the guys they are interested in. Yet I can't even remember the last time I was winked at, and I think that's a free feature open to standard members.

I'd even settle for people not hiding when they visit my profile. Only about 10% of the people on this site leave the "Hey I checked you out" option turned on. I always have just in case someone I pass over wishes to establish a dialogue. You never know where you may find that special someone.

To me any way in which I can meet more ladies increases the chances of meeting the right one, either in a life long sense or just in the passion for fun sense. I just don't get the overwhelming shyness that seems to permeate this site. Never have. Aren't we all here to hook up with other people?? I've heard lots of excuses ranging from "If the people I work with ever saw this......" to "what would my friends and family think?" I don't understand this sneaking around behind closed doors attitude, but I guess some people are still ashamed of their libidos. At least that's the only conclusion I can come up with.

youngtallymilf 34M/33F
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6/18/2005 11:08 pm

Hunny if you were here in Fl I would jump right on and show you how much all your work on here has paid off. wish you wernt so far!

MILFGoddess 44F

6/18/2005 11:21 pm

GRRRR....go get her, Tiger!

MILFGoddess 44F

6/18/2005 11:23 pm


Hee hee hee..I am just FIRST in a long list of FIRSTS for you, huh baby!?!?!?

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