riding to work....  

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7/25/2006 12:37 pm

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riding to work....

You ride the subway each workday from Queens to Manhattan. It usually gets very crowded in the morning, with too many people jamming into the subway cars. It isn't unusual for someone to brush up against your breasts or ass. Most of the time, you have to believe it’s intentional. Sometimes they linger, sometimes they squeeze, and sometimes they rub. There is no point getting angry. To be honest, you find it exciting, a complete stranger touching you in
public. Since your boyfriend broke-up with you a couple of weeks ago, you’ve had fantasies of feeling up some guy, taking him home, and fucking his brains out. You knew you’d never have the nerve to do it. Still, a girl like you needs her fill of sex.

At the token booth that morning, a worker was handing out a flyer. It said that due to some emergency work, there would likely be delays today in the tunnel. It was possible that the train might be stopped for a half an hour, maybe more. Sorry for the inconvenience, blah, blah, blah.... you almost turned around and go home. Who needs the aggravation you think. Then, you remembered you didn't have any sick time or vacation due. So you need to go in.

Reluctantly you pay you fare and go down to the platform to wait for the train. It is autumn and you are dressed for the mild weather. You’re wearing a button down sweater top, and a skirt that stops just above your knees. Your ex-boyfriend had a thing or women's underwear, so you usually wear a sexy bra, skimpy panties that ties at your hips, stockings and a garter belt.
He hated pantyhose. After you broke up, you still wear these frilly things. They make you feel very feminine.

On the platform, you wait for the train. The platform was only a little more crowded than usual, maybe the flyer exaggerated you hope. The train arrives fairly quickly. It is crowded, but you’ve seen worse. You stay on the train for fifteen stops. It usually takes about 45 minutes. The doors closed and youhope for the best, grab onto a pole, take out your book and
begin to read.

For the first three or four stops, the train moves at normal speed. Unfortunately, it gets jammed packed. The people around you
have their backs to you; you’re in a little shelter formed by their bodies. The train slows down and crawls along between stations,
stopping intermittently. It is during one of these short stops that you feel my hand resting lightly on your ass. My fingers are gently
pressing against the skirt covering your ass. You know you should do something to stop me, but figure it is harmless, and after not having sex for over two weeks, you are horny.

The palm of my hand presses slightly harder against your ass, you push your ass back a little into my hand, signaling your awareness of and consent to my actions. At this point, the train again starts to move slowly, and I squeeze your ass cheek firmly, and begin to move my hand all over your skirt covered ass. You feel me outline the edge of your panties and the straps of your garter belt. Your cunt begins to get hot and moist.

My hand drifts lower as the train pulls into a station. I follow your garter strap down to the tops of your stockings. My hand squeezes your leg. The train is so packed that nobody new gets on. As the train leaves the station, you feel the back of your skirt rising as I lifed it up. You wondered how far I think I can go feeling you up on a crowded subway train with people all around us. You feel the cream dripping from your cunt into your panties as my
hand reaches under your lifted skirt and touches your stocking covered leg. My actions become more urgent. You’ve long since put your book away and are concentrating on my hand. It rises to the top of your stockings, my fingers pressing into your bare skin just below your ass. The train comes to a stop again as my hand goes back to your ass, this time under your skirt resting firmly on your panties.

While one of my hands roams freely over your panty covered ass, rubbing, squeezing and probing, my other hand reaches for your free
hand nearest me, and takes it to my crotch; I press it into my cock. It is hard under my pants. I then move your hand up and down over my cock. When I let go, you continued rubbing my
cock on your own. My other hand pulls your panties down slightly, and my fingers work their way under your panties. On a crowded subway train, some guy you don't know is inside you panties with his hand on your ass while you give him a hand job…You cum with a shutter!

As I squeeze your ass flesh, my other hand slips under your sweater in the front and explores your belly button and your stomach
and makes its way upward towards your breasts. The train begins to move again as I dip my other hand into the crack of your ass and begin
to finger your asshole while my other hand cups your right tit. I play with your nipple through your bra, making it hard and erect.

As I get bolder, so did you. You move your hand from my prick and located my fly; you pull my zipper down and put your hand inside my pants. I’m not wearing any underwear; you find my cock and run your fingers and nails teasingly along its bare flesh. By this time, my one hand has pushed your bra aside and the other has a finger well up your asshole.

You take my cock out of my pants, surveying its length with your hand. You realize it is about 8 inches long; it is so thick you can barely get your hand fully around it. As the train crawls along, my hand leaves your breast and drops to the front of your skirt. I hike your skirt up and run my fingers along your inner thigh. Your cum flows from your pussy as I rest my hand on the front of your panties and begin to rub your cunt slit. I move to the top
of your panties and dip my hand inside. My fingers move through your pubic hair as they search knowingly for your pussy hole. You continue to jerk me off as I finally place my
finger inside your cunt, now you are being finger fucked from sides, your cunt and your ass.

I pull my finger out of your ass hole and run my hand inside of you panties and around your hips, I locate one of the bows that hold your panties to your body. As I continue to finger your cunt, I untie the bow, then move to your other hip and untie the second bow. I slid your panties off, removing them from under your skirt. My hand in your cunt is now totally free. My slow finger fucking becomes more rapid. You’ve had your third orgasm of your morning commute. I bring my other hand to your back and slip it under your sweater; I move it up to your bra strap and undo your bra. A stranger is undressing you on a crowded subway car with
people all around us, and you are more than letting me, you are giving me a hand job. I move my hand from you back, around you, and again fondle your now bare breasts.

The train enters another station. As we explore each others bodies, the train sits for several minutes before slowly leaving the station. Just outside the station, the conductor announces over the loudspeaker. "Ladies and Gentlemen, the area of the emergency track work is just ahead. We have been informed that
the workers just started to remove a piece of bad track. It will take a half an hour to 45 minutes. Had we known this before we left the station, we would have stayed there. The train is too crowded for the motorman to get to the back of the train to bring it back to the station, so we'll have to stay here. We're sorry
for this inconvenience but ask your understanding of this emergency situation.

Others groan and curse. While I take my hands from your cunt and tits and move them to your hips, I turn you to face me. Until this time you haven’t seen the person who was feeling you up.

I bunch your skirt up at your hips and press my cock against your cunt .................. TO BE CONTINUED……………

CB_2 51F

7/25/2006 1:02 pm

Wow, so hot, babe! That's a train I'd have liked to be on.


Blogito ergo sum.

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7/25/2006 6:55 pm


*purrrrr purrrr*

ph_lvr_ks 48M

10/5/2006 6:24 am

I wish she wore the pantyhose

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