The beginning  

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7/5/2005 11:30 pm

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The beginning

Actually i have always enjoyed sex. I discovered it way back from my grandparents cable television it was called "ON" tv back then. I would sneak out and watch it behind their backs and pretend i was asleep when it was on tv and they came home. Since that momement i was always pleasuring myself and having huge fantasies about the girls i met. I was touching myself so much i was up to about 8 times a day and still couldnt get enough.

Now im married and im still in the same drive mode. I look at women all the time and i consider myself very good looking so i get looked back at. I love to flirt and it gives me a sense of adventure and allows me to feel better about myself. I love women plain and simple really no mystery. I love to please them orally and love to caress their skin they are just very pretty.

So some may ask why did i get married. I would respond because i love my wife and my life. The only thing absencent is my sex life which is "on top and straight ahead" EEGGGHH that sucks so bad

I want to try a lot more and do a lot more and have fun in bed not just do my business and get her off 2 and three times and thats it. I want it all you know the try this and try that.

Well that all changed when i met this one lady online and we hit it off immediately and it was interesting.....

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