An example of why it sometimes doesn  

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5/31/2006 9:26 am

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An example of why it sometimes doesn

One of my best friends was dating this guy for three years. It wasn't the greatest relationship and she'd decided to move into another apartment, but not break off the relationship. Before she moved out, he gave her permission to fool around with her best girlfriend and, in the process, she fell in love with her girlfriend.

He was mad about her having feelings for this girlfriend, but then admitted he also had feelings for her girlfriend. So they stared to BOTH date the girlfriend. This was badness just waiting to happen.

In the end the girlfriend dumped my best friend for the boyfriend. Then the boyfriend dumped my husband and I, because we were close to my best friend. My best friend was left alone and I’ve been trying to support her while she’s going through this really bad time.

This has been my life of the last month. It's why I'm a little distracted right now and haven't posted much to the blog.

I believe firmly that monogamy is not the only answer. People can make relationships with multiple people work UNDER THE RIGHT CIRCUMSTANCES.

Bringing in another person into a bad situation, is just inviting more trouble. It doesn’t fix anything.

My husband and I are not dabbling. We’re not testing the waters. This is something we choose a long time ago. It’s also something we’ve been careful about every time we entertain the idea of sleeping with someone other than each other.

I can be accused to thinking too much and I am 100% comfortable with that accusation. I’d rather think too much, than too little

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