An email I just sent out!  

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6/9/2006 6:41 pm
An email I just sent out!

I'm sending this out to a bunch of people, because not everyone reads my online journal/blogs.

I have not dropped off the face of the earth. I am still very interested in meeting with people soon and making new friendships. At the moment my husband and I are poor, poor, poor. Things will be better money-wise next month.

I didn't expect to hit it off so well with people so soon. I assumed a month out would be about how long it took to get to know people online. Boy, was I wrong. There are just too many cool people out there in the world.

If you are looking do something that doesn't cost money, like meet up at a park for a little picnic, I'm available during the day - any day of the week - given at least a day’s notice. Husband has reserved most evenings for alone time together.

If you are looking forward to meeting up for coffee or dinner, I'd love to set up dates with people Mid-July and later. I'm all down for starting to plan these dates now. I have a calendar and I'm very reliable when it comes to keeping dates.

If it's too soon to know how your calendar will be in a month, I will be checking up with all my new friends in July and hustling for dates. So don't think you can get rid of us that easily!

If you have any question, feel free to ask.

(Used to be Pink and now BlueHairedGirl also speaking for the husband man.)

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